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If dairy causes inflammation, why is yogurt a good probiotic rich food?

You say that Dairy causes inflammation, yet  you are listing yogurt as a probiotic rich food.

Is yogurt ok to eat? Does that only mean Greek yogurt? What if you have a Casein sensitivity? Is it still ok to eat yogurt?


It’s a rare exception to my avoidance of dairy; however, if you react badly even to homemade organic milk kefir, then by all means, use our other cultured recipes that don’t involve milk!

I personally do not eat yogurt or kefir. I did raise my kids on raw goat milk, that I fermented into kefir. There’s a smaller fat molecule in goat milk, and many properties similar to human breast milk…. however, with predigested protein in CULTURED milk, even organic cow milk, you’re getting a very nice carrier of probiotics and with the proteins pre-digested, they generally do not cause a mucous-forming or inflammatory response for most people.

My kids did great on it and when we started those (and other fermented foods habits), they stopped getting sick, permanently! But there are plenty of other cultured foods habits we teach in Step 8 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and like I said, I don’t personally eat dairy products.

And as for commercial kefir and yogurt, I don’t trust them.

That’s MARKETING saying that greek yogurt is good for you. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent, to get you to believe that. Commercial yogurt and kefir, according to studies, do NOT have all the live cultures they boast, and I highly recommend you save yourself some money and learn to make it yourself. It’s SUPER easy and cheap. And learn other culturing recipes if milk isn’t your thing. It’s not mine either.

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