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What about Candida? Will the 12 Steps to Whole Foods Course help with that?

Folks with a candida overgrowth have to go through a much more extensive process of not eating ANY sugars, even “good” kinds in whole foods like grains and fruits…..for a time. I know many who have starved it out and RETURNED to those good foods, of course. But it’s a difficult diet and far more extreme than the sustainable lifestyle of 12 steps.

I have reviewed many (if not all) of the food-combining theories, and if you are going to do one—especially to starve out Candida (it never goes away, but it can become controlled and dormant, as the immune system is strengthened) - We recommend Donna Gates’ Body Ecology Diet.

It focuses heavily on sea vegetables, which will be very foreign to most people. It also emphasizes probiotic-intensive foods. I am not a big fan of the poultry, fish, and eggs Gates recommends.

However, when you eliminate fruits and grains, in an effort to regain a healthy terrain populated with good bacteria rather than bad, getting enough calories is a problem. Therefore, for those with Candida or significant health problems, we are supportive of undertaking the Body Ecology Diet and then, when you are healed, shifting to eating fruits and other whole plant foods.

Once you have your candida under control, I recommend you do Step 8 in 12 Steps to Whole Foods. Step 8 teaches you the whole broad array of habits indigenous people have used for thousands of years to maintain good digestive health, and a fully functioning colony of healthy bacteria protecting us, in the gut (where 80% of our immune system is).

Kefir, yogurt, raw sauerkraut, rejuvelac, and much more. Robyn recommends you do at least TWO of these habits she teaches in Step 8 daily, which are easy and inexpensive but require a shift in your food-prep habits.

So make sure you have our 12 Steps to Whole Foods course. It is truly a game changer, and will really help you replenish your intestinal flora and avoid having problems with yeast in the future.

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